New Chip Seasoning
Chip Seasoning

We’d like to introduce you to an exciting new spice blend from Schwartz – our Chip Seasoning! This well-balanced blend including paprika, garlic, onion, salt and black pepper will allow you to offer your customers a little extra and spice up their favourite fries. And the cherry on top of the cake?! One jar can make you over £35*. It makes sense doesn’t it?

Make over £35 Profit per jar!

60% of your customers would pay more for chips with a flavoured seasoning** – it’s a no-brainer profit making machine this Chip Seasoning. Find out how much profit you can be making per 300g jar by using our nifty profit slider below. #cashinyourchips indeed.


Why not try
Chips and wedges

Try stirring a tsp through a dollop of mayo as a great accompaniment to chips and wedges.

Roasted vegetables

Also sprinkled over vegetables before roasting – just imagine the flavour hit!


Try adding a dash to your mash as a great alternative to plain potato.